Another fantastic show, performing alongside the amazing PostScript. This time we were inspired off the word “Pocket”. Catch the video of the show, shot by one of our groupies:

Posted on: 28th January 2016

Another practice session brings more peculiar and entertaining scenes, including:

  • Bumbercars, not bumpercars
  • Extreme dog training 
  • James Cameron’s next epic film, involving the leg kicking duo
  • The burnt face tinder man
  • An 8 year old who fancied his great aunt 
  • The charming town of Little Whimsy 
  • A world where it’s socially acceptable to say anything to anyone, as long as it is true
Posted on: 22nd January 2016

Another practice session bares more hilarity. Today we saw:

  • Human size squirrel sex robots. 
  • A vague plan to own the library starting with a barrel of hydrochloric acid. 
  • The well known play: The ghost type writer. 
  • The most unmoving eulogy ever given. 
  • A couple whose home made sex tape gets made into a movie. 
Posted on: 14th January 2016

Rosie is made of gold and liberation.

Posted on: 11th January 2016

With what some call an unhealthy obsession with unicorns and rainbows, Sarah never disappoints with her increasingly frequent pregnancy/child scenes, hopefully not at the same time.

Posted on: 11th January 2016

Known as the man who can never die. Rob has never missed an improv session and we’re afraid the world may come to a climatic ending if he does.

Posted on: 11th January 2016